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Inventor can import point data from an Excel file, but once the data has been imported, the link with the Excel file is not retained. If updates are required to the point data in the Excel file, the data must be manually re-imported and the associated model re-constructed. This is time consuming and inefficient. The Point Linker tool allows Inventor users to import points from an Excel file, retaining a link to that file. Data can be imported (as with the existing command), update from the Excel file, or mapped to another Excel file. This plug-in was first published as an ADN Plugin of the Month: http://labs.autodesk.com/utilities/ADN_plugins. The plug-in has been provided with the complete source code needed to build the application, with the intention of encouraging users of Autodesk software to use programming to tailor the products they use to their specific business needs.
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Customer Reviews

  • Great time saver
    Kirk Arthur | April 23, 2014

    Works great for bringing in data from excel into Inventor. Hopefully there are plans to make this compatible with Inventor 2015.

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