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CADtoEarth 2.1 for Autodesk® Revit® extending a family of add-ins that establishes a bi-directional connection between CAD environments and Google Earth or Google Maps. The CADtoEarth 2.1 add-in now allows users to create personal accounts on the CADtoEarth web application and provides individual control over the visibility of uploaded data.


Here is the partial list of what you can expect from the tool:

·       Import a section of surface from Google Earth into modeling session as Toposurface;

·       Import a pre-drawn sketch from Google Earth or GoogleMaps into a modeling session;

·       Get information about building layer from Google Earth;

·       Place your 3D structure on the imported toposurface within modeling session and then upload it back to Google Earth;

·       Upload your 3D structure directly from a modeling session onto Google Earth;


Please take a look at the following video that demonstrates a basic functionality provided by CADtoEarth 2.1:


To find the detailed information about the CADtoEarth 2.1 for Autodesk Revit please take a look at the following User's Guide:


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Customer Reviews

  • Either it is disapppointing, or I need help to get what is needed.
    Luigi Coletta | February 14, 2014

    If you are able to contact me and discuss would be great. I'm able to get the building info as long as I'm covering a small enough area and if the buildings are 20 or less... but all buildings come 50' tall, regardless of google earth's info, and no roads are coming in either.

  • Easy to use, Half the features work
    Rosanne Siegal | October 23, 2013

    Able to upload my building, and download the site. However, no buildings are coming in with the site from google earth even though I see them in the Google Pane, and the Get Drawing feature isn't working. BUT the site itself is great.

  • Yet to see it work
    Peter Massie | October 04, 2013

    Once downloaded, Revit is telling me the AddInId node is already being used by revit. However are no add-ins available to select within Revit. It seems like a great app but unfortunately I'm yet to see it work.

  • Great tool for initial site planning
    Luke Johnson | July 29, 2013

    Using XP 64 bit and Google Earth, I had no problem installing and using version 2 of this software.

  • Does not work at all on Revit 2013 or Revit 2014
    Elvir Gazic | June 18, 2013

    This is the message you get: "The Google Maps API key used on this web site was registered for a different web site." If the problem is fixed I will change my rating, until then, don't waste your time downloading.

  • Can't get it to work
    Jin Lee | May 23, 2013

    Mananged to get the CADtoEarth Pane to work right after I installed it. Never was able to get a surface or drawing to import into Revit. The pane times out now after only working once.

  • Didn't work at all (Update)
    Brian Mackey | May 21, 2013

    Not sure if it is an Internet Explorer 10 issue or not but this app didn't work at all to acquire an image. Publisher got back to me with in hours of posting this comment and helped me work through the issue.

  • not sure what it does
    Forest Peterson | May 11, 2013

    but work is not one of them...

  • Agreed!
    Tania Martins | February 08, 2013

    Indeed, I'm finding it hard to upload my model to Google Earth to make a realistic 3D concept on location. Great idea though!

  • Good Idea, But needs updates.
    Arthur Rangel | December 14, 2012

    Does not Work with the new Google Earth Plug-in.

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