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Using the Timber Framing tool you can generate timber structure for walls and roofs in Autodesk Revit software application.

Timber Framing tool is composed of three extensions: Wall Framing, Rafter Framing and Roof Trusses.  


Wall Framing

This extension allows framing selected walls.

The extension imports walls, recognizes openings and presents them in a 2D/3D viewer. Walls can be individually framed with available framing parameters, such as: Connections, Studs, Plates, Blocking, Cripple studs, Headers, Sills.


Rafter Framing

This extension enables the definition and generation of various types of “A” frame roof models.


Roof Trusses

This extension enables the definition of truss system for roof models.

You can define parameters for the following roof structural elements: Wall Plates, Ridge Trusses and Roof Ends.


Supported Languages: English,

Wall framing supports: Polish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Portuguese.


Administrative privileges are required for installing or configuring the product.

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  • Roof Model
  • Roof trusses
  • Wall framing

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  • 2013
    Jake Frey | January 02, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    anyway to still get the 2013?

    Marcel Moschner | January 03, 2014

    2013 is available directly in your Subscription Center.

    Jose Muralles | January 27, 2014

    you can still find it at go to downloads and search Timber Roof Framing Extensions for Revit 2013

  • Great apps
    Dany Giampersa | December 05, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Thank God, I thought they removed this application from extension.

  • Very good apps
    Jiri Drahotusky | May 28, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Applications very rapidly designing roof trusses

    Rafael Pini | December 18, 2013


    Jorge Moll | December 29, 2013

    Espectaculares las aplicaciones gracias

    Virgilija Vasiukevič | January 22, 2014

    seems like good app

    Martin Durivage | March 19, 2014

    P K | May 02, 2014

    good app

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