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Do you create temporary geometric objects to aid in layout, or to provide you with the snap points you need? Do you find yourself adding and removing temporary geometry, or moving objects to a plot-disabled layer? Would you like to have more control over this process? Do you want to easily add information to your drawings not intended for plotting? If yes then this is the plugin for you.

The Temporary Geometry (TG) Plugin helps you to create and control plot-disabled temporary geometry in your AutoCAD drawings.

Features include:

   • Single command for all plugin features.

   • Exclusive temporary geometry editing mode.

   • Support for all geometric objects (incl. 3d).

   • Color and draw-order option settings.

   • Automatically hide/unhide and clear temporary geometry.

   • 60-day free trial period.

For a video preview of this plugin go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/CreamCad

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