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There are 2 commands for this plug-in




To purge the Current Drawing

By entering DWG-PURGE at the command line this plug-in will delete all the DGN unrefrenced linetypes,Regapps and Annotation Scale

Also a dialog box will show with list of any Xref's attached to the drawing , that needs to purge.

By clicking 'Yes-Purge Xref also' will start to purge the attached xref's




To purge multiple drawings without opening the files.

In DWG-PURGE-BATCH click 'Select drawing to Purge' and select the drawings you need to purge

In this dialog box you have below options


  • Purge the drawings and save to a different location
  • Purge the drawings and add a suffix to the file name eg:- Mydrawing_purged.dwg
  • Purge and save the drawing to an another version
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  • DWG-PURGE command r...
  • DGN linetypes that ...
  • DGN unused data in ...
  • After finishing the...
  • Dwg Purge Batch

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect
    Dana Bates | April 18, 2014

    This fixed a problem that was really bothering me. The DGN Hotfix for AutoCAD 2012 pointed out that I had all these unreferenced linetypes, but it wouldn't delete them. This did. :)

  • Extraordinary!!!
    Michael Nader | April 15, 2014

    All the 4MB file sizes are mow just 100-200 KB. Kalakitinga..

  • Excellent
    Thajudeen Kunjuveeran | April 10, 2014

    Dear Ajilal, Really great command continue develop something like this, Thanks

  • Brilliant
    Javier Uribe | March 22, 2014

    Thanks Ajilal, a must have for batch processing.

  • Excelente
    Allan David | March 19, 2014

    Grandiosa ayuda que ahorra tiempo para depurar archivos pesados provenientes de Civil 3D. Muchas gracias.

  • wonderfull
    Praji G | March 18, 2014

    Thanks a lot...

  • Fantastic
    David Thomas | March 12, 2014

    Purged linetypes that I couldn't get rid of.

  • Muy bueno!!
    Jose Manuel Gago | March 07, 2014

    Muy bueno!! sencillo y rápido

  • Brilliant!
    Shawn Ryan | March 05, 2014

    Clean, simple, and very effective at clearing out a bunch of extra junk the standard purge won't grab. We had hundreds of linetypes that we couldn't clean but this app got em all first pass! Definitely worth downloading!

  • Excellent
    Marikkannan B | February 19, 2014


  • Very good
    Anil Babu | February 10, 2014

    NIce command..Usefull for all.

  • Great So Far
    Arron Garcia | December 05, 2013

    Very quick without having to select what to purge.

  • Great
    Thu Ya Kyaw | November 29, 2013

    Can reduce the abnomal CAD file size. Thank you.

  • not complete
    Kees Neele | November 27, 2013

    purged not everything in the drwaing. There were stil some blocks present which i removed with the standard purge

    Ajilal Vijayan (Publisher) | December 15, 2013

    Yes, the program will only remove the link with the objects. Once the link/association is removed, that objects will be available for standard Autocad purge. So you need to enter standard purge at the end of this routine to remove the referenced blocks.

  • 功德無量
    Kevin Chen | November 22, 2013

    官網提供的方式太麻煩! 現在可以使用這個快速完成,還可以幫忙轉檔案格式,這真是太棒了~

  • Perfect
    Massimo Corradi | November 05, 2013

    Excellent tool, thank you very much for publishing this for everybody.

    Ajilal Vijayan (Publisher) | December 15, 2013

    Thank You, You are Welcome.

  • Good, Initiative
    Umair KP | October 29, 2013

    This tool very helpful to me, specially dwg-purge-batch, hope if you share others too, there must be big thanks to the author

    Ajilal Vijayan (Publisher) | December 15, 2013

    Thanks Umair !

  • Great
    Thang Nguyen | October 28, 2013

    bid help to clean up dwgs thanks

    Ajilal Vijayan (Publisher) | December 15, 2013

    Thanks for the review.

  • Great
    Robert Wilson | October 24, 2013

    Great lisp, decreased the size of drawings when others could not.

    Ajilal Vijayan (Publisher) | December 15, 2013

    Thanks for your feedback.

  • Excellent
    Ajin Kurien | October 23, 2013

    it is a helpful nice

    Ajilal Vijayan (Publisher) | December 15, 2013

    Thanks Ajin.

  • Excellent
    Alistair Clark | October 10, 2013

    Does just what it says. Purges bloated drawings of annoying DGN linetypes and Reg Apps. Great additional Batch Processor too.

    Ajilal Vijayan (Publisher) | December 15, 2013

    Thanks Alistair.

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