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The OffsetInXref plugin can be used with AutoCAD® to enable the OFFSET command to work with line contents of blocks and externally referenced drawings, associated arrays, dimensions and tables.


Once loaded, the standard OFFSET command will work with blocks and externally referenced content: instead of responding "Cannot offset that object", the plugin will automatically copy the selected object into the current drawing, allowing it to participate with the OFFSET command. The lowest-level object will be selected, if part of a nested Xref or block, but some objects - such as Hatches - will still cause the "Cannot offset that object" prompt to be displayed. All objects copied temporarily into the drawing will be erased automatically at the end of the OFFSET command. The plugin can either have the OFFSET command create geometry on the current layer (the default) or the source layer. The XOFFSETLAYER command allows configuration of this option.


A trial of this product is available at  OffsetInXref Trial. Uninstall the trial before installing the purchased product.

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Version 1.2, 8/5/2015

Added support to AutoCAD® 2016 (No change in version number)

Digital signing of DLL and installer added

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  • Best thing that AutoDESK forgot
    Deane Whitmore | April 01, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    If you don't have this app then you're doing things the hard way. So simple, so unique and so very much appreciated!

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