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These “Plus” commands in Text Bubble Plus will help you fly through your work even faster.


Text Bubble now can be chosen to be the original one, or any other block of any shape, or MText.


  1. TBB command will insert and align Text Bubbles at end points of lines, arcs, polylines, splines and leaders. While command is running, you can change the text value of the next bubble. Values enter in sequence as 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C or a, b, c will be automatically switched to next value in found sequence.


  2. TBBLE command will draw leaders with Text Bubble blocks at end. Text will be increasing similar to TBB command.


More “ Plus Features” are:


  • TBB works with all nested lines and curves inside blocks or Xrefs.


  • While TBB or TBBLE is running, type U to undo the previous action.


  • Easily manage Text Bubbles (and/or other similar annotative blocks) with -TBBCV (convert), -TBBRE (renumber), -TBBSE (setting) and -TBBSCH (schedule) commands.




+ Text Bubble block will be scaled to current dimension text or by specified text height from TBBSE setting command.


+ Trial version usage is limited to drawing file size of less than 400 objects only.


See also JTB World's Text Bubble app with a few less features and lower priced.


Ready to buy? The paid version is available here: JTB Text Bubble Plus 


For more info see the product page.

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