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From inputMatrices, this node return outputMatrices mirrored from a pivotMatrix and a vector.

The goal is to get matrices reoriented and replaced in 3D space.

A sample scene is included.


.reverseAxis : Post multiply or not each outMatrix by a -1.0 diagonal matrix, which has the effect of reversing its three axes, and correct the -1.0 scale problem. This is exactly what the Maya cmd "mirrorJoint" do.

.mirrorAxis : 0=x, 1=y, 2=z

.pivotMatrix : the axial symmetry matrix, use its translate as plane point, and the axis  mirrorAxis * pivotMatrix

.inMatrices is a compoundArray including :

.inMatrices[i].inMatrix : a matrix to mirror.

.inMatrices[i].relativeMatrix : the inverse matrix post-multiplied by the outMatrices[i]


.outMatrices (array): mirrored matrices.


Demo here:

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